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Our clients depend on us to dive deep into their business issues, re-imagine processes, elucidate strategies, and be totally transparent about costs. They count on us to build reliable systems using the industry’s most bulletproof software. And they fully appreciate that we’re practical innovators who only recommend new technologies when we’re certain they can provide long-term value.


Web vs. Desktop: Which application is right for you?

Web applications

When you have customers, vendors, and employees outside of your own network who need access to your database, a web application is definitely the way to go.

Benefits of web applications

  • Available to users both inside and outside of your office network
  • Require no installation; the app relies on a browser
  • Allow you to create different permission levels and capabilities for various users
  • Tolerate slower or intermittent internet connections
  • Support usage of other devices like tablets and phones
  • Allow you to integrate other web services and internet resources
  • Offer the highest level of security

Desktop applications

If your users all are internal employees and have high-speed access to your network, a desktop application may be the best and most cost-effective fit.

Benefits of desktop applications

  • Take less time and money to develop
  • Offer excellent interactivity with existing files and integration with frequently used programs such as Word and Excel
  • Provide users the familiar Windows® look and feel, minimizing learning curves
  • Have a higher “functional density” (i.e. more features fit on each screen) than web applications

If you’re still not sure which one to choose, don’t worry. Once we understand what you need to accomplish we can make a recommendation.

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