5 Words My Son Says I Shouldn’t Use

Armen Stein

J Street is always buzzing, even when we’re drinking decaf!  Here are some things I’ve been thinking about.

~ Armen Stein

Computer on a Stick?

How small can a PC get? Intel has announced their Intel Compute Stick, which is an entire Windows 8.1 PC on a tiny device that plugs directly into the HDMI port of a TV or monitor. They say it will be available later in 2015. My big questions are on the cost, and how well peripherals will work.

I recently had a conversation with my 22-year-old son, who was kind enough to list some words and phrases that I shouldn’t say.  They are simply out of date or otherwise not cool.  As a public service, I’ll list some of them here so that you can also benefit from my son’s advice.

Chillax (though Chill is still okay)

Fail (esp. Epic Fail)

Internets (no longer funny)

Meme (overused and just too… Internet)

Totes (as in totally)

Have any friends or family suggested that you stop using a particular word?  Reply and let me know!  Or if you have a word or phrase that you would like an official ruling on, I’ll be happy to ask my son for you.

Access Day Caribbean 2016

We’ve held several Access Day conferences on dry land, but this will be our first on the ocean! Access Days Caribbean 2016 will set sail on January 30, 2016 aboard the Oasis of the Seas. The sessions are in the mornings while at sea, so they won’t impact your evenings or ports of call. If you or someone you know wants to learn more about Access, check out our Access Day page for all the details. Save $100 until March 10!

How to Choose the Right Development Shop

Maybe you’re pretty sure you need a custom software developer, but it’s hard to know where to start. Here’s a quick list of 6 things to look for when you’re considering hiring a shop to design and build your system. Spoiler alert – we have great answers to all 6 questions.

J Street is Moving

We’re not moving very far, but after over 7 years in our current location, we’re moving our offices to another building in Bellevue. Our new address as of March 1 is:

875 124th Ave NE Ste 202
Bellevue, WA 98005

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