About PAUG Conference

The Portland Access User Group (PAUG) exists, since 1996, to provide opportunities for learning and networking for people interested in using Microsoft Access. Membership includes all levels of users, from novice to senior professional developers. Membership is open to anyone interested in Microsoft Access

Benefits of membership in PAUG

  • Monthly Access Workshop meeting.
  • Great speakers, demonstrations, and networking opportunities.
  • Listing on the Consultants Available page on the PAUG web site.
  • Employment opportunity postings from PAUG’s Employment Referral for consultants.


PAUG is a non-profit, volunteer organization. It works because its members put forth the effort to make it successful. We are proud of work that the members have put forward to make the club a success. We currently conduct two meetings each month, the Access Workshop and a Board meeting. The Portland Access User Group’s annual Database Designer Conference is a major learning and networking conference for database professionals. This is only possible with your help. If you want to contribute contact any of the PAUG officers.

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