Redmond, WA 2018 Access Day Presenters

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Armen Stein

Armen Stein


Many developers acknowledge that the hardest part of a software development project isn’t designing or coding – it’s estimating! Our clients want to know how much their projects will cost, but it’s hard to get accurate numbers in a short time frame. Armen will demonstrate an Excel estimating tool that J Street Technology has been using for a few years now, and will make it available to attendees.

Armen Stein is the founder and president of J Street Technology, a Microsoft Partner located near Seattle. J Street is a team of developers with expertise in custom Access desktop and ASP.NET web applications. Armen is a Microsoft Certified Professional and an Access MVP, and has spoken at many user groups and conferences, including Microsoft TechEd, Office DevCon in Australia, the PAUG Conference, and the UK Access User Group in London. Armen is co-author of Access 2007 VBA Programmer’s Reference (Wrox). His other interests include travel, photography, backgammon, movies, and driving his 1969 Ford Bronco in the sun.

Anders Ebro - J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Anders Ebro


With Access 2007 the grid was introduced, but without any real promotion from Microsoft it did not get the attention it deserved. So come learn what the Grid can do for you, and what padding, margins, grid lines, resizing and hiding, and even automated code can do, once we apply it to the grid. Using a class library, see how we can add 1-click sorting to the form, with just a single line of code.

Originally an engineer with a degree in Applied Physics and hundreds of hours spent in a hi-tech clean room, Anders started working with Access in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since.

Anders has made applications ranging from Requirement ManagementTools, document management and tools to calculate financial depreciations. Anders has been an Access MVP since 2014.

On his blog you can find several code samples for treeviews, change tracking (similar to words track changes), and error/crash reporting.

Kevin Bell- J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Kevin Bell


As you know Microsoft has deprecated it’s source code control in the last few versions of Access. Fortunately there are third party tools that allow you to use modern repositories with Access. We will show how easy it is to use Git via with an add-in called OASIS-SVN.

Kevin started working with Access in version 1.0 and has been working with SQL Server since version 4.21. For 15 years he ran a small consulting firm in Colorado that specialized in creating custom data driven application on Access and SQL Server. In 2008 Kevin joined the Microsoft Access Team as a test engineer, working on parts of the Access 2010, 2013 and 2016 releases. After leaving Microsoft in 2014 Kevin joined founded by another former Access Team member.

Michal Bar - J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Michal Bar


Michal will discuss the Access Team’s work in the past, what’s going on now, and what we can expect them to focus on in future releases.

Michal is a senior program manager in Microsoft and the product lead and champion for Microsoft Access since 2014. Prior to Microsoft, Michal spent 10 years in different capacities at Intel’s mobile division, mainly focused on SQL based solutions for microprocessors validation processes. She has served as a press non-commissioned officer in the IDF, and holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems engineering from the Technion institute of Technology in Israel.

Peter Doering - J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Peter Doering


Peter will present a tool to make Access applications multi-lingual, including translation using Google’s translation services. During the presentation, Northwind.accdb (2016) will be made multi-lingual.

Peter has been self-employed developer in Germany for 25 years, and currently specializes in migrations to SQL Server and SQL Azure. He has created various Access based applications in a multi-language environment, including CRM, sales force automation and others. He has been an Access MVP since 2004.

Doug Yudovich


Doug Yudovich - J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

The Big Raffle Machine: An Access solution for drawing a raffle with multiple variables, and high volume of prizes.

Dagi (Doug) Yudovich is the Assistant Director of Departmental Computing for the University Of Washington School Of Medicine. One of the department’s primary BI responsibilities is developing database solutions using Access and SQL Server.

Doug is an Administrator on UtterAccess Forums and UtterAccess Access Wiki. Doug co-authored Access 2013 Programming, and was a contributing author to Microsoft Access Small Business Solutions and the Access 2010 Programmer’s Reference. Doug has been awarded the Access MVP award since 2009.

Luke Chung- J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Luke Chung


Tips and techniques for applying form features that are functional and maintainable. Topics include single forms, subforms, datasheets, continuous forms, split forms, conditional formatting, filters, cascading combo boxes, copying buttons with graphics, form captions, navigation captions, totals row, hotkeys, tab order, allowed views, synchronizing subforms, data validation, form events, lookup validation and field fill, etc. Includes discussions of what to do and not do.

Luke Chung is the president and founder of FMS, the world’s leading creator of Microsoft Access add-ins. In its 31st year of business, FMS offers 12 products specifically designed for Microsoft Access including Total Access Analyzer, Total Access Emailer, Total Access Detective, Total Access Statistics, Total Access Speller, Total Access Admin, Total Access Startup, Total Access Components, Total Access Memo, Total Visual Agent, Total Visual CodeTools, and Total Visual SourceBook. Luke is an author of several of these products and involved in the design of all of them with tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries. Luke has also created custom Access, SQL Server, VB6 and .NET solutions for Windows and the web. Luke has written a wide range of technical papers and spoken at conferences across the US, Australia, and Europe.