Redmond, WA 2019 Access Day Presenters

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Armen Stein

Armen Stein


Custom software projects should always start with a question – is there already a package that will do what you need? Our customer shouldn’t incur the entire cost of a system if there’s a package where the cost is being spread across many customers. There are many pros and cons to consider – Armen will take you through them so that you can help your customer make the right choice.

Armen Stein is the founder and president of J Street Technology, a Microsoft Partner located near Seattle. J Street is a team of developers with expertise in custom Access desktop and ASP.NET web applications. Armen is a Microsoft Certified Professional and an Access MVP, and has spoken at many user groups and conferences, including Microsoft TechEd, Office DevCon in Australia, the PAUG Conference, and the UK Access User Group in London. Armen is co-author of Access 2007 VBA Programmer’s Reference (Wrox). His other interests include travel, photography, backgammon, movies, and driving his 1969 Ford Bronco in the sun.

Michal Bar


Michal Bar - J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Michal will discuss the Access Team’s work in the past, what’s going on now, and what we can expect them to focus on in future releases.

Michal is a senior program manager in Microsoft and the product lead and champion for Microsoft Access since 2014. Prior to Microsoft, Michal spent 10 years in different capacities at Intel’s mobile division, mainly focused on SQL based solutions for microprocessors validation processes. She has served as a press non-commissioned officer in the IDF, and holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems engineering from the Technion institute of Technology in Israel.

Tim Getsch - J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Tim Getsch


Learn how has used Microsoft Access to grow from a garage startup into the world’s largest consignment service for trading cards. Startups need to rapidly innovate. When used properly, Access can be one of the best tools to enable rapid innovation. However, mature businesses require the ability to also adapt to new technology.

This session will dive into how we use Access in our technology stack, when we move beyond Access, and what best practices and tools we use to integrate with other technologies or to migrate some things out of Access. You will learn the following:

  • The easiest and safest way to call SQL Server stored procedures and functions from VBA
  • Several techniques for calling C# or VB.Net from VBA
  • How to use REST APIs to share logic between Access and websites

Tim Getsch is the founder and CEO of COMC is making it safe & easy for people to buy & sell collectible online by pioneering online consignment. COMC sells more individual sports cards than any website other than eBay. Prior to starting COMC, Tim was a Program Manager on the Microsoft Access team for 6 years, and Tim has presented at numerous Access conferences and user group meetings over the past 12 years.

Dan Moorehead - J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Dan Moorehead


Learn how to modernize Microsoft Access and accelerate database creation with PowerAccess and the dozens of new tools (including Global Find & Replace, code generation much more) they bring to Access. Reduce boilerplate coding and empower your databases with the PowerAccess VBA Framework, bringing “Power Query”, “VSTO”, “Excel formulas & functions” and dozens of other new runtime features.

Dan Moorehead is founder of PowerAccess (, developer of the PowerAccess All-in-One Toolset & Framework for Microsoft Access, which simplifies, accelerates, and modernizes database creation for professionals, Excel users and novices alike with MS Access tools add-ins, install-free frameworks to reduce boilerplate VBA coding, Power Query-like PowerSQL functions and Excel formulas and functions for Access queries, VBA code generation, database builder and deployment tools, COM/install-free C# / VB.NET macros and add-in development framework for Access / Excel / Office, flexible Access power templates, and out-of-box support for common Access database solution features. PowerAccess also provides Microsoft Access, Excel, Power Query, C#, VB, .NET, SQL Server, AI, Finance, Analytics, Microsoft Office 365 Add-in, and automation solution development and consulting services.”

Anders Ebro - J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Anders Ebro


Being a good developer is more than just having a smoothly-designed app. We also need to make sure our client’s data is secured as much as practical. Join Anders in this walkthrough on setting up and securing a SQL database, starting with the basics of creating a user. We will discuss security with a strong emphasis on choosing a security model that is appropriate for the sensitivity and criticality of the application you are developing. All applications are not created equal, and it’s important that we don’t end up spending half our client’s budget on creating a super secure (but unusable) application.
We will cover such areas as logins, users, AD groups, permissions, rights, database roles, user roles, audit tables, row level security and column level security, and how we can make it all fit into our Access world.

Anders is a Principal Consultant at exacto a/s and has been working full time with Microsoft Access for more than a decade, creating solutions for more clients than he can remember covering such diverse areas as financial institutions, government authorities, medical research, and Metro construction projects.
Anders has received the MVP award 5 years in a row, for the work found in his blog as well as numerous user group presentations and conferences. He loves the outdoors, going hiking or canoeing and camping outside with the kids.

Kevin Bell- J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Kevin Bell


With the advent of cloud services like Azure SQL Server, people are migration their legacy applications data to the cloud, at an ever increasing rate. While it is trivial to connect an Access application to Azure SQL Server, users are often disappointed with the applications response time. In this session we will explore some ADO techniques that can offer noticeable performance improvements in your Access applications.

Kevin started working professionally with Access in version 1.0 and has been working with SQL Server since version 4.21. For 15 years he ran a consulting firm in Colorado that specialized in creating custom data driven applications on Access and SQL Server. In 2008 Kevin joined the Microsoft Access Team as a test engineer, working on the Access 2010, 2013 and 2016 releases. Kevin is now helping companies migrate their Access and SQL Server backends to the cloud. In his free time Kevin enjoys traveling the world searching for the perfect pint of ale.

Roger Carlson - J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Roger Carlson


In Microsoft Access, domain functions work like mini-SQL statements that can be used in queries, forms, reports, or code. Domain functions can also be used in places where SQL statements cannot, like the control source of a textbox. We’ll look at how to write them, how to use them, where to put them, and several useful applications of them.

Roger Carlson is a former Access MVP (2006 – 2016) and works as a Research Database ETL Developer at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His website, Roger’s Access Library is celebrating its 20th anniversary, and his blog, Roger’s Access blog, its 11th.