Eating Our Own Dog Food

Armen Stein

All of us at J Street are hard at work helping clients use technology efficiently.

Here are some thoughts that are buzzing around in my head (a very busy place these days!)

~ Armen Stein

Samsung Reveals Root Cause of Galaxy Note7 Failures, Fires

Samsung has determined the cause of all of those Galaxy Note7 phones going up in flames!

I had one of these phones (and loved it – well, except for the whole flammable thing).  My solution to charging the phone until I received a replacement?  I charged it on my granite kitchen counter, on a cookie sheet, FAR AWAY from anything flammable! Fortunately I never had to use the fire extinguisher!

Belgian MalinoisWe believe in our products and development, which is why we “eat our own dog food”.  If we don’t use the technology we recommend, why should you?

We often recommend Salesforce, QuickBooks, and many Microsoft products and services to our clients.  But we use them too!  And the same custom database development techniques that we use for our customers, we also use internally.

One system that I developed (and that we are always using and adding new features to) is our time tracking system KOB*.  KOB has two front-end applications (in Access and ASP.NET) and all the data lives in SQL Azure, which is Microsoft’s cloud version of SQL Server.  KOB tracks all our work, and has been operating continuously for almost 20 years!

If you want to talk about how technology could make things better in your business, or if you have a friend or colleague that could use some help, let me know!

* Can you guess what KOB stands for?  Reply to this email.  I’ll tell everyone in the next issue.

Client Spotlight:

Paramount Chemical Specialties

Got kids, pets, or a messy spouse? 

Paramount is the maker of Kids ‘N’ Pets, a non-toxic stain & odor remover.  They also produce many other dog and cat care products. 

From designing and building a custom database to track orders and print invoices (read the case study here) to assisting with technology upgrades, on-site support, and Office 365/SharePoint migration, we have assisted John and his staff so that they can concentrate on running the business, not running in circles!

Contact us to find out how we can help your business!

Access Developers Conference In Vienna!

That’s right, in Vienna, Austria!  This is the first Vienna Access conference that will be presented in English!

I’m pleased to announce that I will be presenting a topic at this conference.

  • Dates: April 1-2, 2017
  • Conference will be held at a four-star hotel
  • The organizer Karl will take participants on a free guided tour of Vienna on March 31

Topics include:

  • Access Flows (fast & fluid Access touch app, native Access treeview)
  • Access Strategies (Access in organizations and in the market)
  • Communicating with JSON services natively in Access VBA
  • Optimizing Access with SQL Server online
  • Techniques+Tricks for Access Pros
  • First Step of the Journey – Starting Your Project Right (my topic)
  • Two Professional Tools to Extend Access Development (SCC, MVC)
  • Automated Testing in Access Applications

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