Free Webinar: Say Hi to SharePoint

J Street Technology is pleased to continue presentations of a free webinar called “Say Hi to SharePoint” with our SharePoint Program Manager and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Toby Getsch.  We were encouraged by attendance at last month’s presentation and are hosting another webinar.


Have you ever wondered what the buzz is about SharePoint? Thought about how you could use SharePoint in your organization but don’t know where to start? Just want to learn more about Microsoft’s most successful server product of all time?

Join us on Thursday, April 28th at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern.

The webinar will last for 40 minutes and includes Q&A time.

This will be a 100 level, simple webinar. If you’re expecting code samples or in depth discussions, we will be scheduling other webinars in the near future, but would like to set the expectations here.  So… spread the word!  We’d love to engage with you and help shed some light on SharePoint.

Click here to secure your spot in our free “Say Hi to SharePoint” webinar.

And, if you want to spread the love, feel free to reference this friendly domain name…

…or use the Twitter and Facebook sharing links included here on this post.


We will update this post with any new information as well as any presentation materials or webinar recordings as they become available.

UPDATE: Here is the slide deck used during the webinar.

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