J Street Technology Blog Kick-Off!

We’re excited to finally get our blog up and running.  The initial focus will be CartGenie and related services but we have plans to expand it to all areas of the company. The primary goal of the blog is to help share information more quickly and to provide helpful tips and links to useful news.  So, you may see posts related to development that is progress or it may be just a post about a good article related on e-commerce.

We’ve been using Twitter http://www.twitter.com/CartGenie for about a month now and will continue to us it.  You may in fact see some duplication between Twitter and what you see here.   The big difference is that we can add can go more in-depth here.

IMPORTANT – One thing we wanted to mention right up front is that this blog is NOT a forum for “support issues”.  Please, if you have a support issue report it to CarGenie Help.  If we get a post about a support issue we’re just going end up asking you to report it to Help so reporting it to them in the first place since you’ll get a faster resolution.

Thanks for checking out our blog!

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