J Street’s Interactive Bing Map

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced Bing’s latest feature: new and improved maps. Here at J Street, we’re always looking for ways to leverage cool, new technology in ways that benefit our customers and our company at the same time.

Check out J Street’s new, interactive Bing project map. This map shows you a sampling of the hundreds of projects J Street has had the privilege of working on over our 15 year history.  See if you recognize some of our clients.  Zoom in – you’ll see a lot of them.

Our Bing map uses Microsoft Silverlight technology which has functionality similar to Flash, integrating multimedia, graphics, animations, data and interactivity into a single runtime environment.

Building our map was simple.  First we needed an XML document that contained our projects with their latitude and longitude coordinates.   Since we store that information in an internal SQL Server database, we used it to generate the XML. Once that was complete we plugged in the name of the XML document as the data source for the pins in our map. At this point all we had to do was compile the  map in Silverlight and voila – a nifty interactive map!

Hope you like it.

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