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Armen Stein

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new LIMS product! Do you know anyone who could benefit from a LIMS? Let us know and we’ll send you a gift card!

– Armen Stein

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It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. We’ve been hard at work with an exciting new development for our business, and we’re thrilled to share the news with you now.
Earlier this summer, we bought a LIMS product from Mountain States Consulting!  If you’re not familiar with the term LIMS, it stands for Laboratory Information Management System.  They are widely used in the analytical laboratory industry to store, retrieve, and make use of data from lab test samples.  After taking some time to understand the product and our new customer base, we’re proud to announce its new name:  J Street LIMS – a powerful, versatile, and dependable laboratory information management system.

MSC’s LIMS product has already been used in hundreds of laboratory settings over the last two decades. The new J Street LIMS combines MSC’s knowledge and experience of analytical laboratories with J Street’s industry-leading database development expertise to deliver a seamless solution for managing laboratory data.  Our goal is to provide enhanced support to our new customers, develop useful new features, and continue the LIMS’ reputation as a mission-critical component for modern laboratories.  Of course, we’ll do all of this while continuing to design and build top-quality custom database applications for companies across dozens of other industries.
We also just launched our new website www.JStreetLIMS.com.  Give it a visit for an overview and for more information about features, pricing, and what’s included with a subscription.
Our customers include small to mid-sized laboratories in water/wastewater testing, commercial environmental testing, food testing, petrochemical testing, and many other settings.  Do you know someone who could benefit from this type of software? Let us know and we’ll send you a gift card if they sign up with us!

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