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President Armen Stein has earned the Microsoft MVP Award every year since 2006. That tells you something about his passion for technology.

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Some customers balk when we tell them that we’ll do some planning and design to start their project.  They want us to just start coding.  But we know that’s a bad idea – it’s much easier and cheaper to change things in the earlier stages of the project.


In many ways building a software application is like building a house.  If you start with an incomplete blueprint (or none at all!), you are likely to end up with a terrible and costly house.  That’s why we plan before we design, and design before we code.  We call our discovery and planning work the Architectural Framework phase.  During this initial phase, we work to analyze the scope of the project and build accurate estimates.  Later, we sketch out screens for our customer to approve – before we start coding.  This up-front work helps the actual construction go smoothly and efficiently, and allows us to deliver a higher-quality application for less money.


Want to dig deeper?  Here’s a peer-reviewed journal article on this topic: Project Cost: An Empirical Investigation


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