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Drug Free Business Case Study

Drug Free Business leaps forward a decade in technology


Drug Free Business (DFB) asked J Street for a ground-up redesign of their Roster Management Web (“RMW”) application. The application is a kind of “HRIS-lite” that provides DFB’s clients with a window into the large sets of drug testing data they manage. 

The Roster Management application was initially developed in 2008 on older ASP.NET technology and had been modified by several IT firms in the spanning decade. Frequent errors, confusing application flow, and broken links caused enough headaches that DFB wanted to take dramatic action to either clean up the debris left by previous firms and try to retrofit the existing application, or embark on a new application project. 


After some exploratory work on the original RMW application, it was evident that continuing to maintain and enhance it would not be a good investment—especially considering that it was missing the benefits of all the updates and improvements to ASP.NET over the past decade, including better Responsive support for mobile devices.  DFB decided to have J Street develop a new DFB Dashboard to replace RMW.

Technologies used:

SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC Core, Microsoft IIS.

The Dashboard application was designed to provide helpful information to users up front, while also supporting the various types of users that will be accessing it. The Test Results screen is the heart of the application, showing recent results and a multitude of filtering and sorting options. 
The application has many functions that determine the status of a Worker (an employee of DFB's client), a Specimen (the actual drug test and its result), and/or a Selection (a required test like a Random Selection). Statuses are color-coded. In the above example, an unmet Selection, i.e. a required test that is not yet associated with a Specimen, is shown with a red square, while met Selections are shown with a green circle.  Both colors and shapes are used to improve usability for people with visual impairment.
In addition to the work-to-zero lists on Test Results and Selections, the application provides its users with a current snapshot of the client's roster of employees, including the latest Worker Status.