Something nice to say about an airline

Over Thanksgiving I flew to Oakland and back.  When I arrived back in Seattle I couldn’t find my remote for our car.  Dang!  Those things cost almost $300 to replace.  I didn’t know for sure that I left it on one of the flights, but maybe it fell out of my jacket pocket in overhead bin.  Knowing that it was probably futile, I filled out the online form at Alaska Airlines.

Well, a few weeks later I got a call from a nice woman at Alaska Airlines in Phoenix.  She said that they had found my remote on one of their planes – apparently it had gone on a little tour the of the US before someone discovered it.  She wanted to confirm my shipping address.  When I told her how relieved I was, and how much those remotes cost, she apologized for the delay.  It seems that they contact people in the order of the value of the item, so they do iPods and other expensive toys first.  She said that they would bump car remotes up the list now that she knew how pricey they are.

I got the remote yesterday, shipped free of charge and including a handwritten note wishing me well.

Say what you want about airlines these days.  I have my complaints too.  But this is an example of great customer service, and I appreciate it.

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