The Cone Of Silence

Ahh, the buzzing of hummingbird wings as they zip from flower to flower. Nature working in harmony, just as we wish our systems do.

~ Armen Stein

Do you care about net neutrality?

What if the electricity in your home flowed faster for toasting a Pop-Tart®

(“sponsored by Kellogg’s®!”), and slower for drying your clothes?  Sounds ridiculous, but it’s similar to what could happen to internet speeds if net neutrality isn’t maintained.  I think that the internet should be more of a utility – equal regardless of how you use it.


Recently I read a great article, Learning Programming Isn’t That Hard, Deep Work Is Hard, which explores the difference between shallow work and deep work.  I mostly agree with the article, but I don’t think that everyone who can do deep work necessarily has the aptitude for coding.


Switching gears from shallow to deep work can be a challenge!  It is fairly easy to get back into a groove when doing shallow tasks like checking and answering emails, taking phone calls, and attending meetings.  But when you are doing deep work, each quick interruption can trash your productivity.  There are times when you need the Cone of Silence.

What is the Cone of Silence?  I wrote an article on it several years ago – it’s a simple signal that gives you the space to work uninterrupted on those tasks that require 100% focus.  But it must be understood and respected by everyone.

How do you get your deep work done?  Do you have something similar to the Cone of Silence?  Reply and let me know!

Project Spotlight: Bellevue Botanical Garden

Bellevue Botanical Garden hired J Street to create a dynamic website to allow anyone, from botanists to casual enthusiasts, to take a virtual tour of the garden, search for plants using a variety of characteristics, and view beautiful high-resolution photos online. Today the site is used by thousands of users to learn about the garden.

Here’s our case study for a closer look.

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