The Little Problem That’s Costing You a Lot

The summer months have the J Street team buzzing about vacation plans, but we’re still focused on getting projects done!

~ Armen Stein

Increase Productivity at Work

There are many ways to help your team – and business – be more productive.  We’ve found some of these suggestions helpful.  Which ideas can you incorporate into your workplace?  5 Ways to Drastically Increase Your Productivity 15 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work 5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity at the Workplace How to Improve Your Business Efficiency


We are collecting supplies to deliver to MLK Jr Elementary in Seattle before their start date of Sep 7. If you would like to join us, feel free to either drop supplies here Monday-Friday between 10am and 4pm or send a small financial donation via check or PayPal ( and Jenn will be happy to purchase supplies on your behalf. And J Street will match your donation!

Click here to find a list of supplies that are needed at MLK JR.

If you aren’t able to help us in our school supplies drive, we encourage you to make a donation to your local school. Sleep Train is also hosting a school supply drive for foster kids.

Having the tools to learn can make a big difference in a child’s future!

Is your team struggling to complete a project because one of their tools just doesn’t work quite right?  Ever wonder how much time is being wasted with workarounds? That “one little problem” can add up to lost productivity, frustration, unhappy customers, and inaccurate results.  That’s quite an impact on your business! Instead of struggling with the wrong tools, why not assess your actual needs and find a solution for them?  Sure, you may have to invest some money, but how much money is leaking out of your company each year right now? For example, if your team is manually tracking data and building reports using Excel, how timely and accurate are they?  What other more important things could they be doing if your data was in a proper database? Over the years we have worked with many clients with processes that just didn’t work right for them.  With some evaluation of their needs and reviewing the design of their existing systems, we were able to offer cost-effective suggestions to resolve the issues. We’ve had clients approach us with systems that were so antiquated (some belonged in a time capsule!) and messy that we suggested totally new applications. When the system is causing issues and bottlenecking your business, the investment is worth it over the long run. How much is that “one little problem” costing your company?  Maybe it’s time to plug that leak. Email us or give us a call for a free consultation today! Testimonial: Facing Homelessness J Street believes in giving back to the community.  We recently had the pleasure of helping a local non-profit group obtain discounted pricing on Office 365 licenses. J Street recently stepped in to help FacingHomelessness through the tricky process of non-profit status for Microsoft’s Office 365 program. Being a non-profit, every dollar spent on infrastructure would be a dollar not available to provide services. I was running into hurdles and turned to J Street for help. Armen immediately asked Katrina to give us a hand. She responded that day, turning a potentially frustrating experience into a totally satisfactory one. With her guidance, the certification was completed quickly and painlessly. Our AWA has been in production for several months now. As the saying goes, “We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks.” – George Hepworth Office 365 & SharePoint?
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Is your office still running a local file server for documents?  A local Exchange email server?  Or even worse, is your email on an older POP or IMAP server? Managing and maintaining security on local servers is out of date and a waste of your company’s resources.  You don’t need to suffer with POP or IMAP email. Reduce your stress – and loss of productivity – move to Office 365 with Exchange & SharePoint! We have helped many companies move to Office 365 and they have never looked back. Contact us today to learn more about how Office 365, Exchange, and SharePoint can help your business increase productivity.  We’re here to help.

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