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Friendly, practical,
business-savvy developers

Yes, we really do exist.

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Database programmers.
Web developers. Trusted partners.

Our clients depend on us to dive deep into their business issues, re-imagine processes, elucidate strategies, and be totally transparent about costs. They count on us to build reliable systems using the industry’s most bulletproof software. And they fully appreciate that we’re practical innovators who only recommend new technologies when we’re certain they can provide long-term value.

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A human approach to application development.

Let go of that programmer stereotype: introverted, oblivious to budget, and hell-bent on using all the latest gadgets. At J Street, we’re fully plugged in to the human dynamics behind creating successful partnerships and phenomenal solutions. You won’t find anyone that’s better at listening carefully, anticipating issues, and avoiding pitfalls.

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From cruise ships to clogs, we’re into it.

Our clients represent an astounding variety of industries. Some have household names; some you’ve never heard of. Some are local; others multinational. There are for-profit businesses, and not-for-profits, too. But they all have one thing in common: Every day, J Street’s solutions help them do what they do even better.

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Engaged. Insightful. Enduring. That’s J Street.

We may be some of the most seasoned, business-savvy application developers you’ll ever meet. We also happen to be some of the warmest, most candid, and clear-thinking folks on the planet. Our clients love that about us. We bet you will, too.


Who We Are

The venture that began with a lone programmer toiling away in a spare bedroom back in 1994 has since grown into J Street Technology, a thriving and widely acclaimed custom software development shop near Seattle, WA. Over the years, we’ve designed and developed hundreds of custom database applications, tools, and components.

Today our staff includes about a dozen creative, resourceful project managers, designers, and programmers, some of whom have been with us for more than ten years. Loyalty like that really tells you something about who we are as a company – and as human beings, too.

Who we are at J Street Technology - Custom Web Application - 98004

Armen's Thoughts

Insightful commentary on the business of software development from our president, Armen Stein.

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